New life for old dance halls

September 26, 2017

Austin County hosting “Remember When” Community Dances

Out with the new and in with the old

These country dance halls have stories to be told,

The same songs will be sung

And the old will again be young,

Many miles have been danced already

And the beat is still strong and steady,

The dance floor will spin through the night

As new dreams bring the old dance halls back to life.

Britney Jones


The Bellville Chamber of Commerce is trying to help bring new life to the old dance halls of Austin County by hosting “Remember When” Community Dances. They have high hopes of the dances bringing additional income to the halls that can be used for maintenance and repairs or other events.

Memories of those old dance hall nights still shine bright in the hearts of Austin County. Even though the ages may have changed, their memories remain the same.  Grandpa taught the polka. Granny taught the Schottische and when the grand babies legs could dance no more, there were blankets on the floor.

There was nothing like the excitement of a Saturday night dance. Your heart would beat with a thud as you walked up to the door. You could hear the boots shuffling across the old hardwood floor and the sound of live music f

illed your ears as you opened the door. There were always friendly faces to meet you and happy hellos to greet you. The smell of homemade hamburgers cooking in the kitchen could not be ignored. You knew before the night was over that you would just have to have one or maybe more. Still nothing could beat the sight of everyone holding hands, laughing and dancing like chickens at the end of the night.

Our next “Remember When” Community Dance will be held on Saturday November 18, 2017 from 8 p.m. until midnight at the Millheim Harmonie Verein Hall. Remember to keep an eye on the events calendar at to find additional opportunities to attend “Remember When” Community Dances.  For more information please contact the Bellville Chamber of Commerce at (979)865-3407 or send an email to


Photography Shannon Buck


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