Every “antiquer” out there has their own particular taste, and they will work tirelessly to find what they desire.

The thing about antiques, though, the best places to find them usually are not the large cities across Texas, but in the small towns and communities across the vast Lone Star State where somebody just as passionate about antiques decided to turn their obsession into a business.

Navasota is one of those towns that boasts several antique stores within a small general area, making for an easy shopping experience. It features several antique malls, including Circle P Antiques and Collectibles and Navasota Emporium, featuring thousands and thousands of antiques spread out across the stores..

If Texas antiques are your cup of tea, then Tejas Antiques features scores of items from the early years of Texas, everything from primitive to unrivaled Old World Craftsmanship. Navasota is a antiquer’s paradise.