Great Texas Stops

June 30, 2017

The Lone Star State offers some great places to go and visit

Trying to narrow down places to visit in Texas proves fruitless.

There are too many must-see places to list in a stack of pages; so, a comprehensive list is out of the question. There are so many travel options in Texas. You can travel for outdoor recreation; you can travel to tour historical sites, you can travel to see the towering pines among the rolling hills of East Texas with its gently flowing streams and abundant waters and lakes; from there the prairies and lakes of Central Texas open up to the stunning scenery of the Texas Hill Country and its clear, cool waters. Then there are the grand vistas of West Texas and the vast plains of the Panhandle, there’s plenty to see and do in any and every part of Texas.

Some of the best aspects of traveling through Texas has to be learning about the stories of its people. There’s no better place to learn these stories than in the museums that dot the landscape around the Lone Star State.

Over the years the staff here at Texas Farm & Home has visited several museums throughout the state, from Lubbock to Beaumont and just about everywhere in between.

Just to set things straight, this is not a listing of the “best” museums, as that is as subjective as trying to find out who makes the “best” barbecue in Texas. Each museum has its own unique appeal and offers the visitor its own unique take on life in Texas.

This is more a list of some of our favorite vacation spots, many of which are museums, because outside of the Bible and the history of the church, there is no greater tale to tell than that of Texas.


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