Great Antiquing Towns

Written by Texas Farm and Home

June 29, 2017

Shopping for antiques can grow into an obsession taking people to some great places in and around Texas.


Shopping for and buying antiques, for many folks, quit being a hobby long ago, trading in that status for an obsession.

For an antique lover, having something of intrinsic historical value in the home, inspires them to find more. A certain era enthralls them, and they look high and low trying to find items from that period and fit whatever it is into their home. Vacations center around these forays into a search for the past, something many have come to call “antiquing.”

For those afflicted with this obsession, the only thing to quell the longing for the antiques is to get more, we at Texas Farm & Home can sympathize, because we too are under their spell.

So we decided to take a look at some of the great towns in Texas to do some antique shopping.


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